Time and Attendance - B-Net Mobile
Time and Attendance - B-Net Mobile

Checking or recording working time, job data and access authorisations – exactly where and when they are due. This is the great benefit of mobile data recording via cell phone, BlackBerry or PDA.

Integrate the working hours and service rendered by your sales representatives promptly into your business processing.
B-Net mobile HR is a solution by Kaba fulfilling all requirements of mobile time recording.

The mobile data collection can easily be integrated into new or existing systems due to the compatibility with our time recording terminals and software applications of the partners

This solution provides the maximum convenience and flexibility to your sales representatives: Start and end of the business-related activities can be booked by the employees electronically via mobile devices directly on site. 

The time recording works identically as on a terminal. In addition to in/out bookings, bookings with a reason can be made, for example off-site work, doctor, flextime or vacation. Informational functions are also provided. The employees can, for example, obtain information about their time accounts and leave days. 

Depending on the requirements, the time bookings are done online or offline. If the network is not ready during data transfer, the bookings are saved offline and transmitted to the data base server after the network connection has been reestablished. A freely parameterisable registration process allows individual solutions for the time recording.  

The use of the new solution B-Net mobile HR provides numerous advantages to companies with field service: Realisation of an overall time recording solution, transparency, up-to-datedness of all time recording events, and last but not least cost reduction due to time savings. Current documentations of working hours are also used as perfect instrument for controlling the field service.