Kaba Smart Key


Smart Keys
Smart Keys

Whether your system incorporates time recording, electronic or mechanical access control, the Kaba smart key is the one that combines it all. The additional electronic identification makes mechanical systems more secure and ID badges are no longer needed. Thanks to its compact size, it fits in any pocket.


Compatible with all Kaba20, quattro pluS, experT pluS systems be it mechanical or electronic

The Kaba smart key opens cylinders and locks, grants access at readers and books transactions at terminals. Access rights are automatically updated during reading.

Existing clip keys can be upgraded or retrofitted with little effort

Available in Legic and Mifare

In most systems, there are often predetermined applications for mechanical and electronic solutions. The Kaba smart key combines mechanics, electronics and time management and facilitates an integrated system.

Available in 6 different colours silver, yellow, green, blue, violet and red