ATLAS (Advanced Technology Lodging Access System)



Using state-of-the-art technology, ATLAS is an intuitive client-server based Advanced Technology Lodging Access System for hotel guest and staff access management. ATLAS’ open architecture simplifies integration with existing hotel IT infrastructures and systems. ATLAS conforms to ISO keycard encoding standards and supports a browser-based user interface making it easy to learn and use; and features an unlimited database and system log to monitor staff activities and system operations. Ilco has partnered with IBM, ensuring world-class system reliability and support.




Open Architecture - State of the Art Solution

Protect client investment
Simplified integration with 3rd party hotel systems

Accommodates single-station operations to networked, large-scale, full service facilities

Scalable and expandable
From 1 to 50 workstations

Standard Connectivity Ethernet LAN (TCP/IP)

Easy to network with existing systems

PMS interface is integrated (included) into the ATLAS

Cost efficient
Multi-site and Multi-PMS as future capability

Standard IrDA communication for lock maintenance

Uses off-the-shelf low-cost M-Unit

Competitively Priced

Lowers capital cost / budget

Staff Database and Guest / Staff Access Control Management

Better management of employee access control and privileges

Event Monitor (System activity)

Monitoring in real time staff activities and system operations

Enhanced Report Generation

Fast & easy access to reports

Operator Log-on ID and Password Protected

Offers secure keycard and system activity operations

Intuitive Menu Driven Software, On-screen Help

Easy to learn and use for staff
Short learning curve

Web based application, using Internet Explorer browser

No special software to install on Front Desk Workstations

Standard Encoding (ISO Track 3 – Thrift)

Provides compatibility with 3rd party vendor equipment

For more information on the ATLAS system, call 0870 000 5625


The ATLAS (Advanced Technology Lodging Access System) is designed for small boutique style hotels to large-scale, full service resorts that need to have a better control over their back office operations and that can rely on a system to provide secure access to their premises and accurate historical audit info.

ATLAS easily interfaces with other systems, making it an ideal fit for any hotel operation.

Technical Data

RFID Encoder


RFID Encoder

  • RFID cards or tags



Motorized Encoder

  • Magnetic card low or high coercivity
  • Connects to standard PC front desk workstations running IE 6.0
  • ISO Thrift Format
  • UL certified
  • Serial or USB connectivity



M-Unit (Maintenance Unit)

  • Wireless, standard, low cost off the shelf hand held Palm based unit (OS 4.1 or better)
  • Password Required
  • Time-Out (Auto Delete Lock Configuration)
  • Uses infrared technology to :

    • Download information
    • Program and override the lock and/or RAC
    • Synchronize clock
    • Extract and view Audit
    • Send audit file and M-Unit activity log to ATLAS



IPM (Infrared Programming Module)

  • Wireless Interface between M-Unit & lock / RAC
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries (up to 2 years life)
  • Built in proprietary encrypted protocol which provides higher lever of security


ATLAS is a web based system that can be installed on existing IT infrastructure. It easily interfaces with other systems, uses standard encoding and device support. ATLAS is scalable and can adapt to any size hotel, accommodating one to fifty check-in workstations, up to 16,000 guest rooms and 8,000 suite rooms. It can operate on a single application server / workstation or on a standard Ethernet or Token Ring network, using TCP / IP. It features an unlimited employee database and an unlimited system network log. Its ease of implementation and use are rivaled only by its security and state-of-the-art features.