A good, secure business

Most retail operations have two seperate areas: the sales floor where the customers are, and a private staff area for cash handling and storage. It is important to ensure that only employees can access the non-public area. By creating zones with an increased level of security, access authorisation can be limited, while an event-logging function can help minimise theft of goods and money. Ideally, access control is combined with operational data recording.

Kaba has the solution

As part of our comprehensive offering, We can provide you with either standard or tailor-made solutions to suit your requirements. The range includes keypad and safe locks, as well as solutions for access control and recording employee data.

We work in partnership with many leading retail organisations, whether they are the end user or contractor to create solutions using either standard or bespoke products that can be used in the high street, shopping centres and individual retail outlets that may handle very high value items