Keeping key infrastructure secure

Public, and sometimes private, providers of energy, water, telecoms, waste disposal and recycling services form the central nervous system of any modern economy. Without this key infrastructure, nothing else will work, which means that security is critical.

Threats to this infrastructure include accidents, vandalism, theft, sabotage and even terrorism. Utility companies have to put security in place not just for centralised control rooms and servers, but also for remote facilities in rural areas. To ensure uninterrupted service, this protection has to be guaranteed round the clock, but staff still need to be able to gain access at any time. The final factor to take into account is that maintenance work has to be carried out regularly, and that the people who do this often change.

Kaba has the solution

Our access control and security systems provide reliable security for utilities, using both mechanical or electronic products. “Flexible restriction” is our motto. Our range also includes time recording terminals for work outside the office which can be integrated into modern ERP systems like SAP.

High-security modules are designed for use at remote, sensitive facilities; others are specially designed for the built-in vehicle safes that are used to protect laptops, tools, etc.

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