Security for health

Hospitals, clinics and care homes are open and accessible to a wide variety of people including patients, doctors, care staff, administrative personnel, visitors and suppliers. With such varied and heavy flows of people, security is critical, and access control is a central concern. Selective, individualised access has to be granted to different security areas, such as operating theatres, pharmacies, and neonatal wards. Security has to be designed in such a way that patients’ privacy and safety is always guaranteed.

Kaba has the solution

We provide a broad range of security solutions for the health sector. Comprehensive access control systems, combined with security doors to separate open from restricted areas, and time-recording components ensure the greatest possible security and efficiency without compromising freedom of movement. Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into hospital management systems.

Auditable locks for controlled drug cabinets

Kaba offers the Auditcon® family of electronic locks which was developed initially to address the security requirements of a broad range of retail, commercial and industrial markets and is now a world-wide market leading safe lock. The lock utilizes the award-winning PowerStar™ technology which is self-powered and requires no batteries or electrical supply, the Auditcon’s security cannot be compromised by outside manipulation and provides unprecedented audit capability, making it an effective deterrent to surrepticious theft and tampering of controlled drugs.

In the general guidance notes issued in 2014 by the Home Office Drugs Licensing and Compliance Unit it recommends that “licensees are encouraged to consider using a product that has been fitted with a combination lock as this avoids the need to make separate arrangements for the safe storage of a key” and “the locks may require two persons to enter their respective combinations and some provide an audit facility which enables data to be downloaded to a computer for managers to monitor the use of the lock(s). Such audit trails are useful as a starting point for any investigations following a theft/loss.”The knowledge that your input to the lock is being recorded forces the user to ensure that the lock is always re- locked. Cabinets are no longer left unlocked, even if the next user/users are waiting to gain access. This forces a procedure of improved security.

The Auditcon 552 electronic safelock meets all of these requirements and has been successfully used by a major health care provider in the UK over a number of years in a multi user discipline.

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