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ERP Integrated Solutions
ERP Integrated Solutions

Close the gap between target data from your ERP system and real-time data of your company using Kaba B-COMM ERP solutions - Challenge us!

The factors of our success in the market for ERP solutions speak for themselves:

For more than two decades, we have maintained an intensive partnership with ERP manufacturers. The results are successful, certified subsystems meeting the requirements of SAP or Microsoft.

Our ERP team members are highly-motivated specialists with a high level of expertise and knowledge of ERP interfaces, communication, and the technology of our terminals.

New web technology helped us to integrate terminal functionalities and data processing into an innovative overall system. Applications programmed in Java are the basis for our new terminals.

B-COMM ERP is constantly being adapted to new program developments of ERP manufacturers and is therefore always up-to-date. With the add-ons for B-COMM ERP, we offer a modular system of highly-flexible software solutions.

The more than 1,300 Kaba installations in the ERP market are spread over all continents.
In more than 60 countries – in all 5 continents – satisfied B-COMM users are counted among our customers.

Partner alliances
If your requirements exceed the standard, they can be met by our partner solutions.

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