Time and Attendance

B-web 93 00 time and attendance terminal series

  • Time and Attendance - B-web 93 20

    Time and attendance terminal for basic to moderate requirements. It offers an easy-to-read display and capacitive keypad with five coloured function…

  • Time and Attendance - B-web 93 40

    A time-management terminal for mid-size operations, it features‚ Guide by Light‘ operation, an intuitive concept for convenience, accuracy and safety.

  • Time and Attendance - B-web 93 60

    The top-of-the-range terminal packed with many exciting time and attendance features. The terminal is so flexible you can use it also for access…

  • Time and Attendance - B-Net 93 20

    The B-Net 93 20 time and attendance terminal is an entry level terminal suitable for small and medium-sized time recording solutions

  • Time and Attendance - B-Net 93 40

    The B-Net 93 40 time and attendance terminals' large graphic monochrome display offers the user ample space for individual information display.

  • Time and Attendance - B-Net 93 60

    The B-Net 93 60 is a terminal with state-of-the-art technology and eye-catching design that ensures easy handling

  • Time and Attendance - B-Net mobile HR

    B-Net mobile HR is a solution that fulfills all mobile time recording requirements

  • Time and Attendance - B-eco terminal

    The B-eco terminal is an ideal entry-level or workstations terminal with a comprehensive set of functionality at a very attractive price level. It…

Payroll errors, under or overstaffing and inefficient time logging can cost you significant amounts of money.

Do you need to increase productivity by reducing employee lateness, unauthorised long breaks and early departures? Does clocking in and filling in time sheets take up too much time? Do you need to record staff absences due to accidents and sicknesses for insurance reasons?

The B-web 93 00 time and attendance terminal series deals with the above issues by automating your data collection and facilitating instant and periodic reports. The stylish terminals are easy to install, simple to operate, and can be customised and upgraded to your exact requirements.

Kaba workforce management terminals can be seamlessly integrated with various time and attendance applications using the B-COMM communication software. These applications are available through specialised Kaba partners, also in combination with access control. Alternatively, they can be integrated directly into your ERP system.