Company information systems

B-inspired - Information, Communication, Perfection

How effectively and efficiently you communicate with your staff has a huge impact on your profit margins. The information you need to manage can include time and attendance bookings, safety briefing, visitor registration, message centre, and much more.

Kaba B-inspired is the beautifully simple and flexible information system that enables you to optimise communication with your personnel. It consists of communication terminals and apps customised to your exact needs.

The state-of-the-art terminals feature all the latest tools such as scratch-resistant display, wireless communication, high-definition camera, integrated microphone and speaker, video function and much more.

  • Workforce management solutions - System overview

    Save time communicating with your staff, collecting time data, booking of resources and disseminating accurate company information.

  • Workforce management solutions - Apps

    Start enjoying a new functional versatility. Use only the functionality you need now, and add more later as your requirements increase.

  • Workforce management solutions - App development

    Kaba does not just offer standard apps. Soon you will benefit from apps for canteen booking, internal surveys, room reservation, safety.

  • B-web 97 00 terminal - high-tech with an elegant design

    This ultra-modern terminal comes with a wide selection of time-recording functions. It utilises apps on the touchscreen in brilliant clarity.

  • Workforce management solutions - B-web 96 00

    This terminal is the ideal entry-level solution for simple time-recording applications. It comes in an attractive, compact design with a touchscreen.

  • Workforce management solutions - Communication Software B+

    B+ is the new user and communication software that is used to manage the B-web 97 00 or the B-web 96 00 terminals.

  • Workforce management solutions - Mobile application

    Just imagine a system that doesn’t only work on terminals, but also on Smartphones, desktop PCs and tablet devices.