Speed gates for security and public areas

Speed gates for security and public areas

Two product lines

The units of the Argus product family consist of a sensor-controlled passageway with automatic half-height speed gates in different versions. They allow for comfortable contactless access even with bags or luggage. Straight after someone passes through, the gates close again automatically to prevent unauthorised entry. There are two product lines available, depending on how the gate wings open.

Argus HSB
Half-height Speed Gates

The well proven HSB Speed Gates are equipped with swing doors and allow for customised design combinations thanks to a variety of materials and finishes.
You can choose between stainless steel housing and transparent side walls – matching the design of the entrance area. Moreover the speed gates are available in two different lengths – depending on the sensor system used and the level of security desired.

Interactive 3D animation Interactive 3D animation Interactive 3D animation Interactive 3D animation Interactive 3D animation


Argus HSG
Half-height Speed Gates

The HSG Speed Gates are equipped with sliding doors available in different height sizes. Further features are the premium sensor system and the solid stainless steel housing. For a passage, the sliding panels drive with a swift motion in the housing, allowing for a particularly high throughput rate.

An additional version with a wider opening provides access for people with reduced mobility.

Interactive 3D animation


Two lengths, two security levels

  • Security Level 1:
    basic sensor system in compact length with a basic level of single passage regulation in both directions
  • Security Level 2:
    enhanced sensor system in optimised length and configuration with increased level of single passage regulation in both directions. Detection of children and trolleys possible.

Advantages of speed gates

  • easy passage, even with bags or luggage
  • no contact with the swing panel
  • high throughput rate and high pedestrian safety
  • different security levels
  • variety of versions
  • transparent, slim design
  • high level of user acceptance
  • modular system consisting of base and extension elements

Fields of application

  • office and administrative buildings
  • ministries, public buildings
  • banks and financial institutions
  • airports
  • industrial installations
  • staff access at railway stations
  • schools, colleges and universities