Industrial locks

Ultimate key control combined with high levels of physical security

  • Industrial locks - Padlocks

    Our padlock range demonstrates a logical progression in terms of security levels from CEN 3 through to CEN 6

  • Industrial locks - Enclosure Locks

    Our enclosure locks range includes: Enclosure Guard, Gateshield and Thorlock- high security locking systems.

  • Industrial locks - Camlocks

    Our camlock range includes single and two key entry versions, as well as offering a selection of optional cam designs, sizes and numerous…

  • Industrial locks - Cabinet locks

    Our cabinet lock range includes surface mounted and flush fitting versions, as well as offering a selection of cupboard locks, deadbolts and latches

  • Industrial locks - Glass cabinet locks

    Our glass cabinet lock range includes cam locks and push locks providing high levels of physical security combined with market leading key control…

  • Industrial locks - Furniture cylinders

    Our furniture cylinder range includes push cylinders, central locking cylinders and traditional furniture cylinders

  • Industrial locks - Furniture locks

    Our cabinet lock range includes espagnolette locks, central locks, olive handles and cupboard locks, deadbolts and latches

  • Interchangeable Locking System

    Our interchangeable ASS locking system consists of espagnolette locks, olive handles and deadlocks and latch locks that afford the cabinet…

  • Industrial locks - Keyswitches

    Our secure heavy duty key-switches utilise Kraus and Naimer electrical switch modules that are bayonet mounted to the locking cylinder allowing…

  • Industrial locks - Dust covers & weather flaps

    Our dust covers and weather flaps help protect cylinders and their keyways that are exposed to dust, dirt, moisture

We are equipped to provide precise tailor made solutions in all our fields of competence. With a product design, development and manufacturing facility located in the UK, we work with our customers to create tailor-made products based upon their specific needs, giving particular consideration to the environment which the product is to be used in.