Cylinder locks with serrated keys

Kaba cylinder locks with serrated keys – secure and flexible

  • Cylinder locks - pExtra

    The premier cylinder lock with "Extra” patented security features cannot be copied with common key milling machines.

  • Cylinder locks - pExtra+

    The security cylinder lock system with extra protection and long key patent life time.

  • Cylinder locks - pExtra Guard

    Our new innovative cylinder lock meets the TS007, British Kitemark approved, 3-Star cylinder standard.

  • Cylinder locks - Thumbturns

    Our new aesthetic modern design thumbturns can be easily operated and are designed to meet all your accessibility needs.

Cylinder locks with serrated keys use long-proven security technology and are very cost efficient. Kaba serrated key systems provide high flexibility and large keying capacity by providing a wide variety of user groups within master key systems.

The ergonomic key bow and sturdy design are ideal for heavy duty applications such as multiple-point door locks and in industrial applications. Patented security features protect Kaba systems against illegal key copying, drilling, snapping and even against the bumping method.