Kaba card readers – Electronic door locks & readers

Electronic door locks & readers - Kaba readers and registration units

The modern-looking Kaba readers and registration units will operate any locking component such as door openers, motor locks, barriers and automatic doors.


  • They fit on any standard flush-mounted wall box.
  • Can be surface mounted (on-wall wiring) or flush mounted into the wall (in-wall wiring).
  • Can be installed with covers from other providers, which means you can customise them to co-ordinate with your interiors.
  • Suitable for smart environments, including modern buildings, lifts and infrastructure as well as for outdoor use.
  • The latest family of readers is a winner of the prestigious IF product design award.


Electronic door locks & readers - Kaba compact reader

The Kaba standalone readers (not cabled to a central computer) are available in two versions, depending on where you want to install them:

The Kaba compact reader is suitable for indoor use. It contains a registration unit to ‘read’ the presented badge and identify the user, and an integrated control unit that decides if the presented badge has the appropriate authorisation and whether the door should be opened.

Electronic door locks & readers - Kaba exos LA-PC

The Kaba exos LA-PC registration unit is an online slim reader that can be fitted on narrow spaces e.g. on door frames including metal. This reader features high level of security due to encrypted communication with the interior control unit.

Electronic door locks & readers - Kaba registration unit with PIN

The Kaba online registration units (for networked access control) are available in the following versions:

The Kaba registration unit with PIN is an online (networked) reader, which is part of a fully integrated access management solution. Users present their ID card, then enter a PIN to gain entry, which increases security. The registration unit can be easily adapted to any surface and safety-specific environment, e.g. on glass, concrete or other materials.

Electronic door locks & readers - Tamper-proof Kaba remote reader

The tamper-proof Kaba remote reader for outdoor use. Whereas the registration unit itself is installed outside the door, the control unit is installed inside in a safe location and linked with a cable. Also suitable for applications in rough climates.

Electronic  door locks & readers - LA-KT

Kaba offers registration units in various forms, which can be easily adapted to any room and safety-specific environment, depending on your requirements.