Access control - Visitor management


Access Control - Visitor access
Access Control - Visitor access

The manner in which you receive your guests expresses a great deal about how you value them. Kaba exos helps you make your visitors welcome while giving you full control and transparency during their stay. It has proven its efficiency as a professional visitor management solution in hectic everyday use.

Kaba exos registers, organises and monitors all visitors according to your specific needs. The process is simply regulated, from registration via a Web Client, issue of visitor badges with specific access profiles, allocation of parking spaces, through to the return of badges when visitors leave the building.


  • Allows efficient handling of guests by registering them in advance. When they arrive visitors are provided with their personal badges that already contain all necessary authorisations.
  • Customised registration enables you to decide which visitor data to record for each specific site, e.g. a visitor pass, badge data or vehicle data.
  • Precise access control means free but secure movement of visitors, limited to specific times, rooms, parking lots, etc.
  • Easy badge replacement enables transferring of access rights onto new badges (e.g. in case of a loss) at the click of a mouse. The lost badge is blocked automatically.
  • Data traceability means the system logs the access history of visitors, which is accessible at any time. This is particularly helpful in case an investigation is necessary in the future.
  • Data protection and privacy is in your hands. Data is saved only for as long as you require it, depending on legal requirements in your area.


The visitor management module is particularly useful for organisations with a high number of visitors. It is also recommended if you have high-profile visitors, people whom you don’t want waiting around at the reception or those you don't want to end up wandering around your facility.

The security aspect ensures that unaccompanied visitors do not gain access to sensitive areas, unless you specifically authorise them.

You should also use this feature if you want to save costs through this efficient visitor management process, which can be otherwise time consuming and expensive.