Hotel locks

Kaba is a leading manufacturer of electronic locking solutions and access control systems for the lodging industry. We have a solution for virtually every access control requirement or security need and offer a selection of innovative state-of-the-art systems that are easy to install, user friendly and reliable.

790 Series

RFID door lock

Contactless RFID technology to enhance guest convenience and improve operational efficiency.

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MT Series

Magstripe door lock

Stylish, reliable and easy-to-use locks operated with magnetic stripe (magstripe) keycards.

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Hotel management system

Easy to deploy, user friendly, reliable and powerful, our systems take the worry out of access control management.

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Energy saver keycard switch-Black

Energy saver keycard switch

Kaba energy saver keycard switches help improve your guests' comfort and reduce your energy costs.

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Keycards & Credentials

From magstripe keycards that carry basic room access information, to contactless RFID tags with sophisticated information storage applications, we have the solution to suit your particular needs.

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Perimeter and Facility Access Solutions

Perimeter and facility access control

We offer a full range of systems designed for securing high-traffic access areas  anywhere around the property.

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