Access control

Kaba exos - comprehensive access control

  • Access control - Kaba exos system features

    Benefit from this modular and flexible access control system, suitable for small, medium as well as highly complex organisations.

  • Access control - The CardLink concept

    Enhance the security of your standalone locking devices, increase efficiency, save cabling costs and ensure user convenience.

  • Access control - Visitor management

    Improve efficiency and security while ensuring hospitality with this professional visitor management module.

  • Access control - Mechanical key control

    Gain overview of your mechanical keys alongside your ID cards, so you know at all times who has access where and by which means.

  • Access control - Tenant management

    Enable each tenant to manage their own access rights autonomously in a jointly-used system, ensuring their data sovereignty and security.

  • Access control - Parking management

    Make your car park cover its own cost by managing parking lots efficiently. Meanwhile reduce queues and emissions.

  • Access control - Key depot control

    Safeguard key storage simply, efficiently, and with complete traceability, thereby minimising losses.

  • Access control - Badge management

    Program and issue new access cards easily. Manage lost, replaced, and misplaced cards with a single click.

  • Access control - Time and attendance (T&A)

    Optimise staff productivity and reduce admin costs by using this module, which communicates directly with your ERP system.

  • Access control - CCTV and alarm integration

    Integrate your Kaba exos seamlessly into video surveillance and alarm systems as well as your entire IT infrastructure.

Balancing your company’s changing security needs with flexible access control for personnel and vehicles can be tricky. You may need to give visitors, employees and managers different levels of access control from day to day.

Or to keep track of who’s been in the building and which of your staff currently have keys to mechanical locks. Perhaps you need to co-ordinate differing security levels during building projects. And how do you handle your changing security needs as your organisation expands?

The answer lies in Kaba exos 9300, a comprehensive and intelligent access control system. It allows you to co-ordinate all access rights flexibly from a central location in one easy process or delegate the job to different locations.

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