Security and efficiency at airports

Security requirements at airports have increased in recent years with the central concern being access control and individual ID checks. Still, passengers, visitors and staff expect these checks to be quick and user-friendly.

Meanwhile airport operators are looking to maximise the flow of people through their terminals while maintaining high safety standards. At the same time architects and planning teams are constantly striving for an open, welcoming look.

Kaba has vast experience in providing airport access control solutions and qualified service. These are developed especially with the requirements of airlines and airport operators in mind: higher security and safety, efficient people flow and optimised slot management.

  • Automated boarding pass control

    Improved passenger flow through automated boarding pass control as they enter the airport security areas (landside to airside).

  • Automated border control

    Shorter queues and improved passenger flow through automatic passport control at immigration check-points.

  • Self-boarding gates

    Improved slot management by reducing passenger boarding times using automatic boarding gates.

  • VIP lounge access

    Passengers pass through sensor barriers to gain access to the VIP lounge instead of waiting at reception. This improves efficiency and reduces costs.

  • One-way corridors

    One-way corridors to ensure security as arriving passengers are efficiently led to the next zone without being able to turn back.

  • Customs exit

    Efficient, secure and convenient passenger exit with luggage, without allowing people outside to enter the baggage hall.

  • Spectator terrace entrance

    Turnstiles to enable the operator to monitor and regulate visitor entry at various time of day, e.g. depending on weather and security situation.

  • Staff access control

    Improved security by monitoring and controlling staff entrances, which are usually located along the division between the public and security zones.

  • Perimeter protection

    Robust and weather-proof turnstiles to identify individuals and control access of vehicles entering the protected airport grounds.